Uses and Abuses of Mobile phone paragraph

Uses and Abuses of Mobile phone paragraph
Uses and Abuses of Mobile phone paragraph

Uses and Abuses of Mobile phone paragraph: Mobile is a wireless and small piece of electronic device enabling us to contact any person from anywhere of the world. Mobile is a wonderful gift of modern science. But we know that nothing on the earth is an unmixed blessing. The advantages of mobile phone are many. Firstly mobile phone has revolutionised our communication and speeded up our life unbelievably. Now the idea of fixed phone is an obsolete idea. No more people are satisfied with the limited scope of communication.

Mobile phone has enabled us to communicate with anyone anytime anywhere at our will. Mobile has virtually become a microcosm of the whole world. Mobile can easily now be an alternative to a personal computer. The latest technology has made the vast world of technology a micro world. A mobile phone now accommodates all that a computer can afford. Mobile has made the global world more cemented and bonded.

Despite these positive aspects, mobile has also some real disadvantages. Using mobile has become an addiction for the young generations. The students can neglect their studies by spending more time over mobile. Moreover, the teenagers are taking objectionable photographs and porno films. This misuse should be banned any how.

Moreover, excessive use of mobile phone causes radio active exposure which can cause cancer and damage our hearing. So mobile phone should be banned for the children and expecting women. Despite all these demerits, mobile phone is inevitability for our day to day life and we cannot help using mobile phone.

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