Types of education / kinds of education

Types of education
Types of education

Write a Types of education / kinds of education paragraph in about 100-150 words based on the following questions. your answers to the questions should give as much details as possible : 

(a) What are the kinds of education?
(b) What is informal education?
(c) What is formal education?
(d)What is non-formal education?
(e) How can we learn from various kinds of education?

Types of education : There are mainly three types kinds of education— formal, non-formal and informal. Formal education is institutional and it is provided in schools, colleges and universities. This is an academic degree oriented education. Non-formal education is the education that is usually provided to those who are deprived of education. This includes adult education and education to poor children,who either do not go to School or were dropped out from school.

In Bangladesh non-formal education is imparted through various mass education programmes conducted by government and NGOs. Informal education is the education that  begins with birth and ends with death. It means learning from the environment. Everyone learns informally from various situations.

Thus someone who does not have any formal or non-formal education has his/her informal education. Out of these three kinds, however, formal education is the most important and most desirable kind of education.

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