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Terrorism paragraph with word meaning

paragraph on terrorism
paragraph on terrorism

Terrorism can be defined as the use of violent action in order to achieve
political aims or to force a government to act. At present terrorism is a global concern . It causes great fear with violent action to fulfil the illegal and immoral ends of the terrorists. Now-a-days terrorism is spreading rapidly throughout our country. Because most of the educated persons are unemployed. So, they take recourse of illegal and violent action in order to make money.

Besides this, to create fear and influence in the public psyche the terrorists often turn to violence. In this way terrorism spreads from man to man, and gang to gang. It does great harm to the peace loving people. The meek
men feel insecure when attacked by terrorists. This peace disturbing
terrorism is harboured and fostered by political leaders and influential persons of thé country. Terrorists are directly backed by them. This backing inspires the terrorists to do more and more violent action.

Now the people of our country is aware of it and its impact. To uproot terrorism from Bangladesh, the political leaders and influential persons
of the society should come forward. In order to eliminate terrorism, we should identify terrorist firstly and then strongly boycott them in every situation and every section.

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word meanings of terrorism paragraph:

concern means– to cause worry to someone, to be important to someone or to involve someone directly .

violent means – using or involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

immoral means– unethical, bad, morally wrong .

spread means– to distribute or disperse widely.

Rapidly means– very quickly; at a great rate.

meek means– humble in spirit or manner

psyche means – the human soul, mind, or spirit.

influential means : having a lot of influence on someone or something: 

uproot means – to pull a plant including its roots out of the ground, to remove a person from their home or usual environment: 

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