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paragraph on sound pollution
Sound pollution paragraph

Sound pollution paragraph: Our environment is polluted in various ways. Sound pollution is one of the forms of environmental pollution. It means the unbearable level of sound. The normal tolerance limit of sound is 45 decibels. When the vibration of sound is at a tolerable, pleasant level, it is simply called sound. But when it is harsh and sharp to the ears, it becomes noise and causes pollution.

The main reasons of sound pollution are the rapid growth of population, increasing the use of machines, vehicle horns, indiscriminate use of microphones and screaming of children. According to a study in Japan, the noisest professions are factory work, truck driving and primary school teaching. Sound pollution creates a very bad effect upon our everyday life. Serious harm can be caused to people if they are regularly exposed to sounds exceeding 70 decibels. It is very harmful for the patients and students. It destroys the balance of our everyday activities. The housewives living in cities are the worst sufferers Of sound pollution.

So we should prevent sound pollution at any cost. Some measures can be taken for this. We can control sound pollution by careful town planning and developing public awareness. The law enforcing agencies can play an important role in this regard. The mass media can make the people aware of the bad effects of sound pollution.

Important word meaning from Sound pollution Paragraph :

Unbearable means – something that cannot be tolerated. (অসহনীয়)

tolerable means fairly good, able to be endured. ( সহ্যনীয়)

Indiscriminate means done at random or without careful judgement. (নির্বিচারে)

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