Rural life paragraph for all class students

Rural life paragraph
Rural life paragraph

Write a paragraph about ‘Rural Life‘ by answering the questions below.
a) What is rural life?
b) What are the main features of rural life?
c) How is it different from urban life?
d) Do you like rural life?
e) What measures may be taken to improve the standard of rural life?

Rural Life paragraph : Rural life means village life or country life. Actually it is a life related to an area outside towns and cities with fields, woods, farms etc. There are some distinctive features of rural life. It has lucrative natural beauty. There are wide open sky above and green fields, beautiful flowers and murmuring streams below.

We find melodious tones of different kinds of birds in rural life. This life provides us with fresh fruit, fish, vegetables, water and pure air. Besides, we get congenial life and more friendly community in rural life. Rural life is different from urban life regarding many aspects. Rural life has less opportunities of modern communication, advanced education and medicare. It has also a great lack of modern civic amenities.

Yet I like rural life most. Though sometimes, rural life is branded as old fashioned than urban life, I enjoy the bounties of rural life most. It is almost free from the noise and anxieties of urban life. In a rural life is full of simplicity , tranquility and natural beauty. We must ensure that all the attractive features of rural life prevail against all odds.

At the same time, we need to take some pragmatic steps to improve the standard of rural life. For this poverty alleviation should be given priority. Besides , steps to improve the communication, education and medicare in rural areas Will certainly improve the overall standard of rural life.

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