Population problem in Bangladesh paragraph

Population problem in Bangladesh paragraph
Population problem in Bangladesh paragraph

Write a paragraph about Population Problem in Bangladesh. your population problem in Bangladesh Paragraph should be written by answering the questions below.
a) Do you think population is a burden for a country?
b) Is Bangladesh over populated?
c) What are the main reasons of high birth rate in Bangladesh?
d) What are the effects of over population growth in Bangladesh?
e) What measures can be taken to control the high birth rate?

Population Problem In Bangladesh Paragraph: Bangladesh is a small and populous country of the South Asia. Every year more than two million people are being added to our population. This over growth of population has turned into population explosion . The land area of Bangladesh is too small to bear the burden of her vast population. The total population of Bangladesh is almost 16 crore. We know that population is the main asset of a country. We have this human resource but we can not utilize them properly for want of employment.

The main causes of high rate of population growth in Bangladesh are ignorance , superstition, early marriage and lack of female education. Over growth of population causes various problems like food problem, communication problem, educational problem, unemployment problem, residential problem, health problem, medical problem, sanitary problem, environmental problem and poverty.

So we ought to rack our brain about this fundamental problem. We should realize the serious aftermath of rapid growth of population. Some measures can be taken to slow down the high birth rate. Each and every family should live in a planned way. Early marriage should be banned. No family should be allowed to have more than two children.

Our womenfolk should be educated. There should be wide publicity about the serious consequences of high birth rate through radio, TV and other mass media. Otherwise the whole nation sink into the dark.

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