Paragraph on water for all class student

Paragraph on water
Paragraph on water

Read the following questions on ‘Water‘ and write a paragraph on it.
a) What is water ?
b) What are the elements of water ?
c) Where from do we get water? / What are the sources of water?
d) What is the usefulness of water?
e) Why is water called “life”?

Paragraph on water : Water is a liquid substance. It is very useful for human life. We drink water when we feel thirsty. we cannot do even for a day without water. We feel fresh and active after drinking water. Trees and plants cannot grow without Water. Pure water is clear. It has no colour of its own. It has no taste. we get it from the ocean, river, spring and tanks. The common source of water is rain.

We use water for many purposes. We use water for washing. We bathe in water and clean our bodies. Water is used in cooking our food and cleaning utensils. Water helps us in various ways. We make electricity from water. We water our crop fields to grow crops well. No life is possible without water. So the another name of water is life.

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