Paragraph on tolerance for all class student

tolerance paragraph
Paragraph on tolerance

write a paragraph on “tolerance”. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following question.
1-What is tolerance?
2-Why do we practice tolerance?
3-What are the benefits of tolerance?
4-How should we be tolerant?
5-Where should we practice tolerance?

Tolerance is a must for everyone to live in the society peacefully and happily. The ability to forgive and forget is tolerance. We live in a society where everything does not go according to our own liking. For the sake of peace and harmony we are to reconcile ourselves with The things happening against our own desire. In the hour of need we, are to sacrifice our own idea and belief in order to keep going on smoothly.

So tolerance in other word is the ability to compromise and adjust. Toierance is one of the great virtues which elevate man to the level of mobility. No man has ever been able to be great without the least exercise of tolerance. Tolerance is also essential in a democratic society which is based on the principle of embracing opposition as friend not as enemy.

So tolerance should be exercised at every level of the society. in order to ensure a free society where seople are not segregated just because they are having different belief, opinion or religion.

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