Paragraph on Tension in English

paragraph on tension
paragraph on tension

Paragraph on Tension : At present, we are very much familiar with the word ‘tension’. Tension means a situation in which people do not trust each other, or feel unfriendly towards each Other, and which may cause them to attack each other. It also means mental, emotional nervous strain. A person may be said to have been suffering from tension when he is in the grip of mental strain or excitement. According to the doctors, tension is the source of diseases.

There is no man in the world without tension. This is an uninterrupted anxiety which cats into his vitals and causes him many serious problems including mortal heart disease. Tension is such a disease that has no cure. If a person wants to free from tension, he has to remain busy in different activities. An active and practical individual who never suffers from tension. He always avoid tension by remaining himself busy in sports and pastime. For this reason, we should come out of this dreadful disease.

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