Paragraph on Television in English

Paragraph on television in English
Paragraph on television in English

write a paragraph on Television. Your Television paragraph should answer to the questions should give as much detail as possible.
a. What is television?
b. Who invented television and when?
c. What are the uses of television?
d. What is the usefulness of television?
e. What are the demerits of television?
f. What kinds of programmes do our younger prefer?
h. How can you evaluate TV in your life?
i. What is its educative value?

Paragraph on Television : Television is one of the most useful and important wonders of science. Television is a great success of modern science. It gives both the voice and the picture of the speaker at the same time. An English scientist named Jhone Beyard invented this wonderful device in 1926. It does a great good to us in many ways. It is an up-to-date means of communication.

Television is a great source of recreation. We can enjoy sports and games, music, dances, plays, dramas and many other cultural programmes on TV screen. Television also telecasts / airs educational programmes, religious programmes, agricultural programmes, debating competitions, discussions on medical science. Many important national programmes such as on family planning, health and sanitation, cultivation, fishing, poultry, disasters etc. are telecast on TV screen.

With the help of dish antenna we can enjoy (watch) international programmes on TV by sitting at home. Our children are fond of watching recreational programmes and young society is fond of watching exciting films and scenes. TV has wonderfully changed our life. It has some disadvantages/ demerits too. It sometimes telecasts exciting films and programmes which harm our young people and children. In spite of all these defects , it does a great benefits ( good ) to us.

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