Paragraph on sports for all class student

paragraph on sports
paragraph on sports

Write a paragraph about sports. Your sports paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.
a) What does sport mean?
b) Who like it ?
c) Upon what do the forms of sports depend?
d) How do sports help us?
e) How do international sports help us ?
f) What would happen in life without Sports?

Paragraph on Sports : Sport is a general word for games and activities involving physical effect. It is an important part of our daily lives. Sports are indulged in every society from the most civilized to the very primitive. But the forms of sports vary. The forms of sports depend on people’s taste, standard of living condition, geographical condition and socio-economical condition of a country.

A nation’s culture and tradition may influence the forms of sports. Sports bring people together and it provides much needed exercise.

In school it is a popular form of recreation to balance the brain work. Without sports life for students will be very difficult indeed. Besides providing exercise sports also help us in many ways. First of all, team sports develop in us the realization of the importance of working in teams. The concept of co-operation, Which we learn and use effectively in sports, builds in us habit of getting the best in a situation through co-operation.

International sports help nations to get closer and make better understanding and co-operation. Above all, sport is an important aspect of life. Our life would certainly be dull and lifeless without sports.

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