Paragraph on space travel for students

Paragraph on space travel
Paragraph on space travel

Write a paragraph on space travel in about 100-150 words based on the following questions. your space travel paragraph should give answers to the questions as much details as possible.
(a) What is space travel?
(b) Wasn’t space travel a dream?
(c) Which country made a successful journey to the moon?
(d) Who first set foot on the moon?
(e) What is the next target of the astronauts?

Paragraph on Space travel : Space travel means the journey toward the unknown world in the vast space with a view to exploring it. Once, it was just a dream. Over time its has become an interesting expedition in today’s world. But only the developed countries are able to afford this. Since the invention of rocket man’s adventure for space exploration started. It was in 1969 when three astronauts Michel Collins, Edwin Aldrin and Armstrong-started for the moon. Two of them Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin successfully landed on the surface of the moon. Afterwards space travel and space exploration got momentum.

NASA has brought considerable success in sending sophisticated space crafts on the space of Mars for collecting information about the planet. Many astronauts are now spending their days in space shuttle for new researches about the space. Thus, scientists are continuously exploring the space and providing more and more information about the space. In the near future space travel, hopefully will be easier and cheaper . The next target of the astronauts is to land and explore the Mars.

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