Paragraph on self employment for students

Paragraph on self employment
Paragraph on self employment

Write a paragraph on self employment in about 100-150 words based on the following questions. Your self employment paragraph should give answers to the questions as much details as possible
(a) What do you mean by self-employment?
(b) Why is it important for our country?
(c) Is the atmosphere of our country congenial to self-employment?
(d) What benefits can it bring about?
(e) How can we make, it more popular?

Self-employment : Self-employment means to create job opportunity for one by one’s own effort. As we have a huge population, governnment cannot provide employment opportunities to all. In this circumstance, we need to inspire the educated unemployed youths to have recourse to self-employment. A man can explore his qualities, capacities and qualifications for formulating scopes of employment.

People can open small industries or business of their own. The atmosphere of our country is getting congenial to selfyment. Nowadays even educated young people are opening up farms. There are a good number of sectors for launching enterprise for self-employment.

Micro-credit programmes of different nationalised banks, non-govt organisations especially Grameen Bank are encouraging the entrepreneurs. Such micro-credit programmes are under the scheme of pisciculture, dairy, poultry raising, vegetable cultivation, flower cultivation etc. A self-employed person may work for his own prosperity and well-being.

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