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Paragraph on responsibility with questions

paragraph on responsibility
paragraph on responsibility

Answer the following questions to make it a continuous paragraph on responsibility . Your answers should give as much detail as possible:
(a) What is responsibility?
(b) What is your responsibility to our parents? (c) What is your responsibility to the society and country?
(d) What is the benefit of it?
(e) How can you achieve this noble quality?

Responsibility Paragraph : A responsibility is a duty or obligation of a man to do something or not to do something. As the inhabitants of a society, we all have some particular responsibilities. We have to show our responsibilities to the family, society, country and so on.

Our parents have brought us to this world and nourished us. As grateful children, we must take care of our parents in their old age. We should not do anything that pains them. We also have responsibilities to the other members of the family. As students, we should attend school regularly and listen to our teachers. We should also avoid doing anything that may disturb our classmates and teachers. As the members of a society, we have to show our responsibilities to the people around us.

We should render our helping hands to our neighbours in their distress. We should not do anything that may be troublesome for them. As good citizens, we have responsibilities to our country. We have to abide by all the rules and regulations of the country.

The government also has some responsibilities to its citizens. It should ensure the fundamental rights of people such as food, clothing, shelter, education and medicine for its citizens. A country can reach the top of developments if its government and citizens are responsible. The knowledge, skills and attitudes we gain at home, at school and in the society will help us to accept our responsibilities and carry them out effectively.


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