Tuesday , March 9 2021

Paragraph on radio in English for students

Paragraph on radio
Paragraph on radio

Read the following questions write a paragraph on Radio .
(a) What is a radio?
(b) How does it do its function?
(c) Who invented the radio?
(d) What is the usefulness of a radio?

Paragraph on radio : The radio is one of the wonders of modern science. It is a great work of science. it is system of sending messages, songs, talking, etc through the space by means of electric waves. it is a combination of the telephone and the telegraph and is an improvement on the two, because it can do without wires or without any connection between the stations.

The Italian scientist G. Marconi invented it. it has reduced the distance of the world. It brings us news of the farthest places of the world. the radio is a good source of enjoyment. We can hear news, songs, talking, plays, poetry, dramas and what not. Through it the leaders can address the nation. it may help spread of education it helps us many ways.

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