Paragraph on punctuality for all class student

write a paragraph about “punctuality”. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following question.

Paragraph on punctuality
Paragraph on punctuality
  • What is punctuality?
  • How can one be punctual?
  • What are the benefits of punctuality?
  • How can one he benefited from punctuality?

Paragraph on punctuality: Punctuality means doing something on time. Punctuality is essential for the success of any programmes or activities. One can achieve the habit of punctuality through long constant practice right from the boyhood.The proverb’ goes ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. If one fails to perform his duty in time, he will have to exert much more time and energy for the work that will cost him much. The wise people always go by the clock. They are careful to do the work in time so that they can avoid unnecessary harassment . Lack of punctuality results in frustration, national and international loss.

Punctuality is badly needed in every field of life. A student should attend his class in due time. He should prepare his lesson on time. He is sure to pass. Otherwise he will fail. A teacher should also enter the class room in due time. An office goer should reach his office on time to avoid untoward situation. However a man who follows punctuality is sure to succeed in life.

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