Friday , January 22 2021

Paragraph on price hike for All class student 5-12

Price hike paragraph
paragraph on price hike

Write a paragraph about ‘Price hike‘ by answering the questions below.
a) What do you mean by price hike?
b) Why does it happen?
c) How do the common people react?
d) Are there any particular reasons behind this price hike?
e) What should the govt. do?
f) How do people suffer when price of daily necessities goes beyond their income?
g) What is the condition of price hike in Bangladesh?
h) What are the adverse effects of price hike? i) How can business community help to fight it?
j) How can it be removed?
k) Who and What are responsible for price hike?
l) How can price hike be checked?

Price Hike Paragraph : Price hike means a large increase in prices of daily necessaries. Now-a-days, the prices of daily necessaries are rising very fast. There are some particular reasons behind this price hike. Sudden scarcity of supply of commodities and money inflation are mainly responsible for this. Many dishonest people store essential commodities with a view to earning huge profit. This causes a sudden decrease in supply in the market.

On the other hand, money inflation causes an automatic rise in the price of goods. Besides this, smuggling and black-marketing are noticeable causes for price-rise. Unusual price hike causes great problems to the people. People having lower income cannot buy their foods and clothing. They can not lead a sound life.This price hike actually paves the way for a wide-spread corruption and moral degradation in the society.

We can control price hike by taking some effective steps. storing of Daily necessaries for long time to gain undue profit must be checked by introducing strict laws. Smugglers and black marketers should be punished severely. On the other hand the govt. should have a strong financial policy to check money inflation. Only then we can hope for the better future.


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