Paragraph on physical exercise with questions

paragraph on physical exercise
paragraph on physical exercise

write a paragraph on physical exercise. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following question.

  • (a) What is physical exercise?
  • (b) What are the benefits of it?
  • (c) When are the people usually seen to take physical exercise?
  • (d) That sort of diseases can be avoided by taking physical exercise?

paragraph on physical exercise : Physical exercise is the planned using of different limbs and parts of the body through various manual labours. it is one of the main precondition for sound health. Taking physical exercise keeps us aloof from inertia. it makes us active. even in order to have disease free body we have to take physical exercise regularly. physical exercise enhances our preventive power.

Now-a-days, people are getting more and more about having slim figure. so,the persons who have already grown obese or want to keep themselves slim should take hard physical exercise. Even players, athletes and body builders are to take physical exercise to keep themselves fit. Usually, in the morning and evening people are found to take physical exercise. People suffering from diabetes, heart disease and hypertension can be benefited greatly from physical exercise.

So to have a healthy body we all should take physical exercise regularly. Physical exercise can ensure a healthy and a disease free nation.

Physical exercise paragraph 2:

Physical exercise means the regular movement of our limbs . The regular movement of our limbs keeps our body fit. The proverb goes, “Health is the root of all happiness”. To be healthy one should take regular physical exercise. I like to do physical exercise very much. There are various types of physical exercise, such as, walking, swimming, running, cycling, jogging etc. I like to do jogging and swimming most.

Jogging, walking and swimming are considered to be the best exercises which are helpful for the people of all ages. Cycling and running are very helpful for young and fat people. Physical exercise makes our muscles strong and stout . It makes us more energetic and active. It also helps in digesting food, in the free circulation of blood and keeps our mind fresh. As a result, students who do physical exercise can fare well in their exams. Physical exercise should be taken on proper time and proper place.

We should take physical exercise in an open field in the early morning or in the afternoon. As health is wealth, we should take physical exercise regularly to keep this good health/ wealth . But we should remember that excessive physical exercise is not good for health. Over exercise often hampers the normal development of our body. It may make us weak and inactive. So, we should take physical exercise regularly.

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