Paragraph on myself for all class student

paragraph on myself
paragraph on myself

Paragraph on myself: I am x . I am a class 8, 9, 10/second year college student. On my way to future, whenever I look back, I find some important events that have greatly influenced my present and will continue to do so with my future. The first of these events is my admission to a primary school.

In a sunny morning at my six, i, taking my father’s hand in my hand, stepped into the realm  of knowledge. On that very moment, my father told me to be serious to study and forbade me not to be scaled about results. I will treasure these few words upto the last moment of my life. Another influential event of my life is the death of my grandmother. She died almost untreated as there was a tremendous lack of medical facilities in our village at that time.

Perhaps this sad event has contributed mostly to my decision to build up career as a doctor. I have always been conscious to try my level best to go on my way rightly. People around me including my parents, relatives, friends and teachers congratulate me on my every success. They also hope about me something exceptional. I can guess their expectation well perhaps with the help of my intuition.

I am leaving no stone unturned to materialise my aim in life. I am confident that by the grace of Almighty, I will he able to fulfil the expectation of my well-wishers.

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