Paragraph on my Grandmother for all class student

Write a paragraph about ‘Your Grandmother‘. your grandmother paragraph should be written by answering the following questions below.
a) What are some of the qualities you admire in your grandmother?
b) How old is she?
c) What type of food does she eat?
d) What type of dress does she wear?
e)Does she like music?
f)What is your feeling about her?

Paragraph on my grandmother
Paragraph on my grandmother

My Grandmother paragraph : The name of my grandmother is Ayesha Begum. She comes of a respectable muslim fainily. She is an elderly woman of sixty. She is wise, affectionate , considerate and sympathetic. From my childhood, I grew up under her intense love and care. She can read and write. Sometimes she tells us fables and ghostly stories from which we get much pleasure. She loves me very much. She has brought me up.

Whenever I become sick, she becomes very anxious. At that time, one kind of tension always hurts her. But when I come round her face beams with joy. She is always careful of my education. When I was a little child, my grandmother used to teach me the letters of Bangla, English and Arabic. She is the only woman whom I love most next to my mother.

My grandmother is religious and conservative. She likes traditional Bengali foods-rice, dal, fish, vegetables, fruits etc. She wears shari .She says her prayers five times a day. She does not like to watch TV but reads the Holy Quran and other religious books. She is fond of Islamic song but does not like any modern music.

She believes in old customs and old ideas. She always advises me to take the path of honesty. My grandmother looks after me in every step of my life. I can not even think of passing a day without her.

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