Paragraph on illiteracy for all class students

Paragraph on illiteracy
Paragraph on illiteracy

Write a paragraph on illiteracy in about 100-150 words based on the following question. your illiteracy paragraph answers to the questions should give as much details as possible
(a) What is illiteracy ?
(b) How do illiteracy cause harm to our development ?
(c) What is the social responsibility of the literate people ?
(d) What measures should government take to remove illiteracy ?
(f) How can the mass media play an important role in removing illiteracy?

illiteracy paragraph : Illiteracy means having no literal or computative knowledge. An illiterate person can neither read nor write. Illiteracy is a barrier to the individual, social and national development. Illiteracy makes an individual less productive and less creative. He doesn’t know the necessity and ways of keeping family size small. He can’t get a better job. He doesn’t know how to maintain personal hygiene, take balanced diet, and take proper health care.

None in the society pays due respect and honour to an illiterate person. he is often cheated and exploited. Illiteracy is a curse for a nation. So, integrated efforts must be taken to eradicate illiteracy from our society. Literate people should come forward to educate the illiterate people. It is encouraging  that Bangladesh  government and many NGOs have undertaken various programmes to remove illiteracy.

Compulsory primary education, food for education, adult education, mass education supply of free books in primary level etc are all intended to increase literacy rate of the country.

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