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Paragraph on Grameen bank for students

Paragraph on Grameen bank
Paragraph on Grameen bank

Write a paragraph on Grameen bank in about 100-150 words based on the following questions. your grameen bank paragraph should give  answers to the questions as much details as possible.
(a) What type of bank is Grameen Bank?
(b) What is the purpose of Grameen Bank? (c) How does Grameen Bank serve the rural people?
(d) Who are the main beneficiaries of Grameen Bank?
(e) now does Grameen Bank provide loans to the rural people?

Grameen Bank Paragraph : Grameen Bank is a special type of micro-credit based bank which provides loan to the poor people of the rural areas especially to the women folk of the village. The purpose of Grameen Bank is to alleviate poverty of the rural women and to make them financially self-reliant. Dr. Muhammad Yunus first thought for the landless people. Then he established a bank to provide loans to the women of villages. This bank is known as Grameen Bank.

It has extended its services across the country and abroad also. In a group of five or six poor women are to set up a centre from where the bank will provide loans and receive the repayment of loans. All the members of the groups have to get registration from the bank. Each group has to select a Chairperson and a Secretary .

The Chairperson maintains discipline in her group and makes all the members aware of the rules and procedures of the bank. Grameen Bank provides loan to run small businesses, rear goats, cows, poultry, cultivation of vegetables and nursery etc.

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