Friday , January 22 2021

Paragraph on good manners with questions

good manners paragraph
Paragraph on good manners

Write a paragraph about ‘Good Manners‘ by answering the questions below.

  • How can you define good manners?
  • How can it be attained?
  • Who can be a man of good manners?
  • Who are liked in the society?
  • Why should you be good mannered?
  • How do you feel being good mannered?

Good Manners paragraph: Good manners mean such type of human behaviours that make a man gentle, polite and well-behaved. It keeps a man away from doing evil works. It also makes him sensible and dignified . Good manner can be attained by honest and sincere efforts. By obeying the orders and advises of the elders, a person can gain it. Firstly, a person learns it in his family. The family atmosphere teaches a person how he should act in the future.

Students can learn good manners from the educational institution. Student life is the best period to learn good manners and qualities. A boy or a good student who is obedient to his seniors, can learn good manners better. By following the instructions of elders from his childhood, he can be a man of good manners. Honest, well behaved, hard working and pious men are honoured and respected in every society. To be a successful man in the society, we should be good mannered .

Being a good mannered person, I may achieve fame and respect. On the other hand those who are good mannered are respected by all but they are hated by none They are blessed by God.

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