Paragraph on good food for students

Paragraph on good food
Paragraph on good food

Write a paragraph of 150 words on ‘Good Food‘. Your writing should address the following questions.
(a) What do you mean by good food?
(b) What do we need for our proper and healthy growth?
(c) What should we remember while eating food?
(d) How much food should we eat?
(e) What does the amount of food to eat depend on?

Good food Paragraph: Good food is very important for our body. ‘Good food’ means the right kind of food for good health. It is nutritious. It must contain natural substances that our body needs to grow properly and stay healthy. Actually good food means the food containing the main six elements of food such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, mineral salts, vitamins and water.

We should eat meat, fish, eggs, etc. for protein. We have to eat rice, bread, potato for carbohydrate. Butter, milk, etc. give us fat and various kinds of vegetables give us mineral salts and vitamins. But we should remember that we must not eat too much though the food is good because eating too much is injurious to health. We have to eat only a certain amount of food that our body needs.

So we need not eat the same kind of food in the same quantity. It means there must be variety in our food items. It depends on our growth and physical structure.