Paragraph on globalization for all class student

Paragraph on globalization
Paragraph on globalization

Globalization paragraph : The term ‘globalization’ is connected with international relations. It generally means the free movement of goods, services, people and information across the national boundaries. The idea of globalization is not new but it has come into vogue only in the last decade or so. Globalization creates an integrated global economy which influences both economic and social relations among the countries of world. It is feared that globalization will affect our culture adversely by exposing it to foreign culture.

According to a critic , globalization is an irreversible force and the developing nations will get hit by its various currents and cross currents if they fail to manage themselves in their own interest. Globalization can enable us to benefit from the advanced and refined cultures of other nations of the world. We should keep in mind that human development , good governance and investment in infrastructure are the key to progress.

If globalization is super-imposed on a poorly educated and poorly trained labor force with poor system, it will not lead to the development and progress. The globalization process in South Asia was initiated to accelerate economic growth through enhanced internal and external competition. Although globalization process has been initiated in South Asia, the absolute number of people in poverty has increased for this process. So the gap between wealth and poverty is widening day by day.

Globalization paragraph 2:

  • a)What do you mean by globalisation
  • (b) What are the advantages of globatisation?
  • (c) What are the demerits of globalisation?
  • (d)Do you think that globalisation can bring benefit for the developing countries?
  • (e) What is your suggestion about the introduction of globalisation in our country?

Globalization is the process of expanding trade and commerce all over the world by creating a border less market. In the present world globalization has been introduced with a view to tending border-Less market. Through globalization free flow of products as well as ideas is possible. because of globalization a country can be benefited in many ways including free access to market, hi-tech information, trade, commerce, cultural affairs, employment opportunities and so many.

Mainly the developed countries are highly benefited for globalization. On the other hand the developing countries are affected, to some extent, because the developing countries lack in modern technology, skilled manpower and necessary capitals. So the developing countries can not match with the developed countries. The capitalist countries arc becoming richer day by day. Whereas, the poor countries are becoming poorer.

In the context of developing countries, Bangladesh is affected because of globalisation. She can not keep pace with the border-less market and sharp Competition created by globalisation. For example Bangladesh has lost its American market for its ready made garments by this time because she can’t compete with the industrially developed countries.

globalization has created competition but the poor developing countries like Bangladesh are no match for the industrially developed economic super powers. So the productive sectors of Bangladesh are at stake. However globalization can be fruitful only if there is proper balance regarding positive attitudes of all, policy, trade, commerce etc.

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