Paragraph on environment for all class students

Paragraph on environment
Paragraph on environment

Write a paragraph on environment based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible.
(a) What does the environment refer to?
(b) What elements make up the environment?
(c) What is the relationship among different elements?
(d) What will happen if this relationship is disturbed?
(e) What is the necessity of maintaining ecological balance?
(f) How can we maintain ecological balance?

Paragraph on environment: The environment refers to all the elements around us such as air, water, trees, birds, animals, humans and so on. Different types of forces such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes etc. are also the elements of the environment. There exists a very close relationship among the elements of the environment. This relation is usually called ecological balance. This ecological balance is very important for the existence of all elements of the environment.

It works like a chain or web. If any part of this chain or web is disturbed or dislocated, the whole environment is likely to face a catastrophic change.For example, if trees are cut down, the whole country will suffer drought and ultimately turn into a desert.

So, to save the environment from different types of disasters such as drought, flood, cyclone, earthquake and excessive rainfall, we need to maintain the ecological balance. We can maintain the ecological balance by planting more trees, saving wild animals and stopping the emission of harmful gases. For this, we need a combined effort. Internatinatonal community must work together to save the environmental balance. We must remember that saving the environment means saving ourselves.

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