Paragraph on Education in English

Paragraph on Education
Paragraph on Education

Paragraph on Education: Education is the process by which our mind develops through formal learning at an institution like a school, college or university. It is mental and intellectual training provides opportunities of growth and helps to meet challenges and overcome obstacles to progress.

The aim of education is to enlighten the individual and develop his/her capacity to the limit. It trains us to make me right choices to go ahead and ennobles our mind and refines our sensibility. It broadens our outlook and helps us becoming aware of our rights and responsibilities. An uneducated man is ignorant about many things. He cannot communicate with others. He cannot give anything to the society. Rather he is a burden on it.

In- Bangladesh, only one person in every three can read and write. Many people who leave college before class five forget what they have learnt. After ten of fifteen, they forget how to write. Our poverty is due to the lack of our educated people. In the case of female education, we are more backward. Of course, the percentage of education among people is now increasing. Education leads a nation to prosperity.

So we should receive as much education as possible. To achieve this goal, we must make the best use of our opportunities to get educated. It is also our duty to see thus, and others get their education without wasting their time and energy. We cannot rum our population into manpower without giving them education.