Paragraph on E-mail in English

Paragraph on E-mail in english
Paragraph on E-mail in english

Write a paragraph on E-mail of about 100-150 words based on the following questions. Your E-mail paragraph should give answer to the questions as much detail as possible .
a. What is E-mail?
b. How does it function (work)?
c. Who are the users of E-mail?
d. What is the benefit of E-mail?
e. How are the student benefited by using E-mail?
f. What’s your opinion regarding E-mail?

Paragraph on E-mail : E-mail is one of the most useful and wonderful inventions of modern science. Modern science has made impossible possible. E-mail is one of the most useful means of communication. E-mail communication is user to user via a computer. It is easier and cheaper than fax, telephone and telex. Telex is also an electric mail. Telex service is terminal to terminal while E-mail service is user to user via a computer.

Privacy is fully maintained in E-mail service . we can sent messages from one corner to another of the globe within seconds by using E-mail service. Office files can be exchanged easily and quickly by using this service. Now trade and commerce greatly depend on this rapid communication service. E-mail system has quickened the activities and transactions of any offices and banks, trade and commerce.

Our student society can do library works and get necessary academic information through this useful service by staying at home. It has also quickened the globalization process. Besides, E-mail service saves a lot of papers and time. This service has made our life very easier and happier. E-mail service should need to be made more popular for our interest.