Paragraph on discipline with questions

write a paragraph on “ discipline”. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following question.

What is discipline?
What are the bad effects of indiscipline?
What are the benefits of discipline?
How can one be disciplined?

Paragraph on Discipline: Discipline means doing something in tbe right manner in the right time Discipline is the precondition to success in life. Nothing can be expected from an undisciplined man. But discipline is a matter of long practice and perseverance . One should practice the habit of discipline right from the childhood. A grown up man can hardly go by discipline unless he has a practice.

A disciplined man never fails to perform his duties and can play an important role in the family, in the society and in the country. Whereas, an undisciplined man always fails to perfortn his duties. Discipline is a must for the smooth running of offices, institutions and the country. On the road, if one does not go by the traffic rules, there can happen any serious accident or the running vehicles can come to a stand still due to traffic jam.

Anyway, without discipline there will be chaos and conflict every where. So, discipline is inevitable for One and harmony in life, society and country.

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