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Paragraph on democracy with questions

Write a paragraph onDemocracy‘ by answering the questions Below.

a) What do you mean by ‘democracy’?
b) What are the characteristics of democracy?
c) What are the merits of democracy?
d)What is the major disadvantage of democracy?
e) What are the pre-conditions necessary for the success of Democracy ?

Paragraph on democracy: Democracy is the most popular system of government of modem age. The term ‘Democracy’ comes of two Greek roots – ‘Demos’ and ‘Kratos’ or kratia’. ‘Demos means people’ and ‘kratos’ or ‘kratia’ means ‘ruling power’. So, literally democracy is the ruling power of the people. According to President Lincoln-Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. There are some characteristics of democracy. Multi-party system, free and fair judiciary, freedom of presso etc. are some of these.

Participation of every citizen of the state in ruling the state is the most significant merit of democracy. Besides, equality, justice and accountability are some important merits of this government system. On the other hand, democracy, sometimes, is regarded as the cult of incompetence. This is because democracy is the cult of majority. Here importance is put not on the quality but on the number.

However, democracy is now regarded to be the best system of government. But to have the taste of this best system, some conditions must be fulfilled. The most important condition for the success of democracy is universal education. According to John Stuart Mill- “Universal education must precede universal suffrage. On the other hand, equality in every sphere of life, tolerance, brotherhood etc. are vital conditions for successful democracy. In fact, democracy is a system of government in which every citizen has a share. This is why, this system is in most of the countries of the world.

Democracy paragraph 2:

Democracy means, in short, people’s rule. In democracy people select as well as elect the right person to rule over them. So a ruler is the representative of the people. If people want the ruler to rule, he will rule. If people do not like him, he is sure to give up. The present century is the golden age of democracy .

But in order to ensure smooth functioning of democracy, people should be educated and conscious enough to exercise their power judiciously. in democracy there is no hide and seek policy. Every work of the government goes through the scrutiny of the people. Whenever they find anything wrong, they voice protest, the government bows down to the public will. So the rulers in a democracy never try to exceed the stint of his authority. So the democratic administration runs through the check and balance process. But people’s awareness is a must in a democracy.

Paragraph on democracy 3:

Democracy is a system of government by all the people of a country, usually through the representatives whom they elect, as allowing freedom of speech, religious and political opinion. It means fair and equal treatment of each other by citizens without social class divisions. In fact it’s the system of governing the country according to people’s will.

In a democratic country people elect their representatives who work for the people. Free and fair election is the pre-condition of democracy. As a matter of fact democracy is the right of the people to speak equal rights. They enjoy the rights of food, cloth, shelter, education, medical treatment and other facilities. People are the source of power, that is, possess the absolute power in a democratic country.

Abraham Lincoln, the late president of the USA, defines democracy as “Government of the people, by the people and for the people.” In a true sense of democracy the majority party should form a coalition with the main opposition party and work together in democracy. Moreover, good relations with neighbouring country, liberty of new paper, free judicial system are the essential conditions for democracy. But in some cases the ruling party in coalition with minor parties forms the government which causes anarchy.

On the other hand, the main opposition party in coalition with some minor parties is engaged in destructive criticism and collision. Ours is a democratic country. Let us hope we will stride ahead with our unity towards a brighter tomorrow.

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