Paragraph on cleanliness for all class student

paragraph on cleanliness
paragraph on cleanliness

Write a paragraph about cleanliness. Your cleanliness paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.
a) What does cleanliness mean?
b) How is it regarded in religious?
c) Why is it necessary for life ?
d) What happens to an unclean person?
e) Why is it necessary for self-respect
f) Why should we form the habit of cleanliness?

Paragraph on Cleanliness : Cleanliness means the habit of being clean or of keeping things clean. The popular proverb, “cleanliness is next to  Godliness” expresses the high value of it. In religions, cleanliness is regarded as a part of godliness and is prescribed as a religious duty. Cleanliness is essential for life. It is necessary for both physical and mental health.

We know that dirt is the mother of disease. A person who does not wash himself and his clothes, will suffer in health. Without keeping our rooms and houses clean we cannot hope to live well. By eating unclean food people often suffer from various diteases like : cholera, diarrhoea, etc. By wearing unclean dress and by sleeping in an unclean bed people often suffer from skin diseases.

Cleanliness is necessary also for self-respect. A man with dirty clothes cannot feel proud of himself. No one likes a dirty person. A dirty students has few friends in the clasSroom. in order to lead a decent life we must realise the importance of cleanliness. We must try to form a habit of cleanliness.

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