Paragraph on Bangabandhu sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Paragraph on Bangabandhu sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Paragraph on Bangabandhu sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Write a “paragraph on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman / An Ideal political Leader” by answering the questions below.
a) Who was Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman?
b) What do you know about him?
c) What were his achievements?
d) How was his political career?
e) Describe his life and activities.

Paragraph on Bangabandhu sheikh Mujibur Rahman : Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the father of our nation. The existence and the emergence of Bangladesh would not have been possible if he had not been born. He was an ideal political leader. He is the greatest Bangalee of all times. He was born in Tungipara, village of Faridpur (now Gopalganj) on 17 March 1920. His father, Sheikh Lutfur Rahman was a serestadar of a civil court. His mother’s name was Sayra Khatun. At the age of seven, he was admitted to a primary school. Later he studied in Gopalganj Pilot High School and Mission High School. He was attacked with an incurable ‘Baribari’ disease when he was studying in the high school. Then he had to stop his studies for a few years.

However, he joined school again and passed- the Matriculation Examination in 1942. He graduated from Calcutta Islamia College (present Moulana Abul Kalam Azad College) in 1947. While he was staying in Calcutta, he was highly influenced by Sher-e-Bangla A. K Hoq, flossain Shahid Suharawardy, Abul Hashim and Netaji Subash Chandra.

With the creation of Pakistan he came to Dhaka. He took part in polities. He was sent to jail 16 times. He was about to die two times before his death. He took part in the Language Movement in 1952. He proclaimed his famous six-point programme in 1966. On March 20 of the same year, he became the president of the Awami League. After the fall of Ayub Khan in 1969; Yahia Khan became the president of Pakistan. He arranged General Election in 1970. The awami League got 167 seats out of 169 in East Pakistan But the Pakistani rulers did not want to make mujib their president. At that time, Sheikh Mujib made his famous speech on 7 March 1970. In this speech he proclaimed, ‘……….. this struggle is for liberty , this struggle is for emancipation’. The people of East Pakistan were revived at this speech.

At last Sheikh Mujib was arrested by the Pak Army on the night of 25 march. Before his being arrested, he declared the independence of Bangladesh. Most of the Bangalees took part in the liberation war of Bangladesh. After 9 month war, we became independent. Bangabandu’s contribution to this independence is unforgettable. But some mischievous militarily personnel killed him with his family members on the night of 15 August 1975. His two daughters Sheikh Hasina (Present Prime Minister) and Sheikh Rehana escaped death as they were out of Bangladesh. Though Bangabandhu was killed, his ideal and Bangladesh will survive for ages. He is an ideal leader.