Paragraph on Air pollution with questions

Paragraph on Air Pollution  : Air pollution means the ways in which the air is polluted. Air is the most important element of human environment. Man can not live a single moment without air. But we do not think that it is we who pollute this most vital element. Clean air is essential for life. Air is polluted in many ways. For example smoke pollutes air. Man makes fires to cook his food, to make bricks burns refuse, melts pitch for road construction and burns wood. All these things produce heavy smoke and this smoke pollutes air. The another example is that railway engines, power houses, mills and factories use coal and oil. Moreover, buses trucks and cars use petrol and diesel oil.

Again all these things create smoke and cause air pollution. Furthermore, the most serious air pollution occurs in big industrial areas where there are many mills and factories. Again serious air pollution also occurs in big cities where there are many buses, trucks and cars plying the street everyday. Sometimes men in big industrial area become so sick by inhaling polluted air that they cannot be cured. So proper measures and steps should be taken to prevent air pollution.

Paragraph on air pollution 2:

Write a paragraph on ‘Air Pollution‘ based on the answers to the following questions.
(a) What is air pollution?
(b) How is air polluted?
(c) What are the main reasons of air pollution?
(d) What are the demerits of air pollution?
(e) How can we solve this problem?

Air Pollution Paragraph : Air is the most essential element for our life and environment. Without it, our existence is impossible. Air pollution means the contamination of this essential element of nature. It is human being who is responsible for polluting this element. Air  is polluted in many ways. The major gaseous pollutants of air are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, fumes of acids, paints, smoke etc. Major solid pollutants of air are dust, particles of unburnt carbon, lead, cement etc. air pollution mainly  occurs  in cities and towns, especially in the industrialized ones. A large number of factories are actively responsible for polluting air.

Carbon dioxide is the chief cause of air pollution.The burning of trash, Diesel, other chemical substances in cars and vehicles Produces a huge amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases everyday and pollutes air. The cutting and burning down  of Trees, trash, and the discharge of human Waste in the open air also pollutes the air. Polluted air is very harmful to all beings. It is a dangerous threat to our existence.

By inhaling  polluted air, we suffer from various diseases such as cancer, bronchitis, heart diseases,etc. so in order to  prevent pollution we should plant more trees. We should use CNG instead of petrol and Diesel. we must not  throw trash and waste in the open places. Mills and factories should not be allowed to be set up in Residential areas. Above all, public awareness should be raised.

Air pollution  paragraph  3:

(a) What is the immediate effect of air pollution?
(b) How is the air polluted?
(c) What are the sources of air pollution?
(d) What is the necessity of oxygen in the air? (e) What is about the air pollution condition in Dhaka where you live?

Paragraph air pollution: Air pollution is threatening the very existence of animals on earth. Without air no animal can live. From air we get oxygen which is a must for every living being. Whereas, the other elements of air like-hydrogen, carbon dioxide are also essential for living. But carbon dioxide and hydrogen should exist in air upto the required level. If the presence of these elements are disproportionate then it can be called air pollution. All over the country men are destroying forests and cutting trees. The forests and trees are supplying oxygen. With the deforestation all over the world presence of oxygen is decreasing in the air.

As a result carbon dioxide is increasing. Global warming is the direct effect of such increase of carbon dioxide in the air. I live in Dhaka. Men are not also getting the supply of fresh oxygen from air. Moreover, industries and motor vehicles emit huge trajectory of smoke in the air. As a result there is growing presence of lead in the air. According to the researchers the acceptable level of lead in the air is 2-3 mg. Whereas, in the air of Dhaka only we get 200-300 mg lead in every cubic meter air. If this pollution continues time may come when man will die just for want of oxygen in the air.

Air pollution  paragraph 4:

Write a paragraph about ‘Air Pollution‘ by answering the questions below.
a) What is air?
b) What is air pollution.
c) What are he causes of air pollution? d) How is air ‘polluted?
e) How do vehicles pollute air?
f) How is air harmful?
g) What are the effects of air pollution?
h) Why should we keep our environment free from pollution?

Paragraph about Air Pollution : Air is a very important element of environment . No creature can live without air. It is life-saving as well as life-destroying element. Every year millions of people all over the world die unnecessarily as a result of pollution. These unfortunate and avoidable  deaths are brought about by four specific factors. Air pollution is one of them. Air pollution means the air containing the elements which are hazardous for human health. Clean air is essential for life but polluted air is very harmful. Air can be polluted in many ways.

The most common agent that pollutes air is smoke. Smoke is produced when we cook food, burn bricks and refuse. It is also produced when we melt pitch for road construction ftinco. Innumerable  buses, trucks and cars plying in big cities use petrol, diesel and oil. When they are burnt, they emit smoke and pollute the air. Mills and factories in large industrial areas also cause serious air pollution. Railway engines and power houses also pollute air.

By inhaling  this polluted air, we suffer from various kinds of respiratory diseases often leading to death . So, it is high time to prevent air pollution at any cost . But only government will not be able to check this problem. Public awareness should be raised. Above all, we ,should make all-out effort to prevent air pollution for healthier and happier life.

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