Paragraph on advertisement in English

Paragraph on advertisement in english
Paragraph on advertisement in English

Paragraph on advertisement : write a paragraph on “advertisement”. Your advertisement paragraph should include the answers to the following question.
(a) What is advertisement?
(b) Why is advertisement more and more important in the present day world?
(c) What is the main purpose of advertisement?
(d) What influence does advertisement have on the people?
(e) What are the demerits of advertisement?
(f) What are the means of advertisement?

Advertisement paragraph: Advertisement is, in the present day world, the most effective and recognized means of making people know about the products and goods of a company or companies. With the introduction of open market economy, production system has become very competitive. But only producing quality goods is not the last thing to do. Unless people know about the products, goods will not sell on its own merit.

Advertisement will serve that purpose of informing people of the quality, price and availability of goods or products concerned. Even effective advertisement will motivate people to buy goods of even lower quality. So advertisement has got both persuasive and informative quality. Advertisements are of different forms and kinds. Though we may mistakenly think that advertisement is the modern phenomenon, advertisement has been going on from very ancient time in the simple and easy way.

But at present we depend more on media like television, radio, Internet, newspaper to advertise goods. But people are also using billboard, leaflet to advertise their goods. But to our wonder sometimes we see that people are very misguided by false advertisement. They became prey to pompous advertisement. So, to get best advertisement should have certain rules. It will help to advertise the product in the real sense.

Author: @reduan