Paragraph on A dictionary in English

paragraph on a dictionary
A dictionary paragraph

Answer the following questions into a continuous  paragraph on ‘A Dictionary‘. 
(a) What is a dictionary?
(b) What does a dictionary provide?
(c) How are the words  arranged in it?
(d) How is it use?
(e) How does it help us?

A Dictionary paragraph : A dictionary is a book that gives a list of the words of a language in alphabetical order and explains what they mean. It is a very systematic book mainly for students. It is called their study guide. Giving meanings of words are the main purpose of a dictionary. It also includes correct spelling, definitions,usages, pronunciation, and some other important information about the words.

However, as  the words are often listed. in an alphabetic order. For example, D will be placed before E and after C. E will be in before F and after D. To look up a word in a dictionary the reader has to turn to the appropriate letter section in the dictionary. Then he has to use the guide worth starting from the letter on top outer corner of the dictionary page.

The reader also has to notice the second letter of the words to be sure that the desired word is Within this Range. now the reader has to read down the page very carefully in this range. Suddenly the desired  word will be  found on the dictionary  page. the word may have more than one definition. once the reader find one that seems to be the best fit with the context. it is the meaning of the word.

A dictionary is a great help for everyone, especially who are learning a language. It is also helpful for enriching our vocabulary. Thus, a dictionary is an essential learning material for the students.

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