Paragraph about culture

Paragraph about culture
Paragraph about culture

write a paragraph about Culture. Your culture paragraph should include the answers to the following question.
a) What is culture?
Or, How would you define culture?
b) What are the elements of culture?
c) How can you study a person and a society in a better way?
d) What do you think of Asian culture?
e) What things do you notice in western culture?
f) Why do cultures vary from society to society or country to country?

paragraph about Culture : Culture means the customs and beliefs, art, ways of life and social organization of a particular country or group. The elements of culture are language, Music, ideas about bad and good, ways of working and playing and the tools and other objects made and used by people in the society. A person is an important element of a society. We can study a person by studying his repeated actions. In the same way we can study a society by studying the important patterns of that particular society. As there are different societies in the world, there are different cultures also. An appropriate mode of behavior in one culture may be proved inappropriate in another culture. The modes of behavior in Asian societies are often conservative . But in the western countries it is a great deal relaxed. Cultures vary from society to society because patterns of behavior and action vary from person to person, class to class and society to society.

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