Our national flag paragraph for students

Our National Flag Paragraph
Our National Flag Paragraph

Our National Flag Paragraph : A flag is a piece of cloth which represents a country or a nation. A national flag is the symbol of independence of a nation. Every nation of the world has a national flag of its  own. Bangladesh has also a national flag. our National flag is Our pride. It is our glory. It bears our nationalism. National flag is a symbol of our freedom.Ours is an independent country.

Hence we have a national flag. national flag is bright deep green with a red circle . It is rectangular  in shape . The ratio its length  and breadth is 10:6. It is made of cloth of cotton, silk or linen . The backgrqund of our national ag is deep green which symbolize  life and energy. In the middle point of the flag there is a blood red circle. it represents our great struggle and bloodshed of the martyrs. 

our national  flag always inspires us to dedicate our lives for  the greater interest of  the country. we love and respect it very much. national flag is hoisted  every day in every office and  educational institution. We are proud of it and we are always ready to defend it at any cost.

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