Paragraph on obesity with questions

obesity paragraph
Paragraph on obesity

Obesity paragraph: A man gets obese when he eats too much. When a man gets too fat to move and look normal it is called obesity. Dieting is an immediate and effective solution to this problem of modern mental labour based working class city people. The people, who live in city and are engaged in mental labour, can hardly get the work to burn the extra calorie they take. No matter how much or how little we work we have to use up the calorie we get from food. Usually when we eat too much we get too much of calorie. Unless this calorie is exhausted by working or jogging, we gain more and more weight. So dieting is the direct solution to this problem. But before we diet we should consult a dietician. Otherwise dieting may result in serious health hazards.

Paragraph on obesity based on these questions :

  • When does a man get obese?
  • What is the solution to the problem of obesity?
  • Who are the victims of obesity?
  • How can we face the problem of obesity?

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