Natural Cures Paragraph

natural paragraph for class 6

Natural cures paragraph

Natural cures are made of natural things like Herbs and plants.
people around the world returning to natural cures more and more .
natural cures are also known as herbal cures.

Natural or Herbal remedies are nothing new. they are used by people in different ages.
Herbal medicines were used in ancient civilizations like
India , China, Greece, Egypt and Rome.some ancient treatment systems are still in practice today.
A rural grandma may put some aloe vera or honey on a minor injury .
Grandmas give children honey or tulsi leaves to eat if they catch cold.
elderly people may put some turmeric , marigold , or aloe vera on minor cut or wound.
people of the rural areas normally use garlic , neem or turmeric to cure skin problems.
they have learnt through experience that these remedies work well. Moreover they are easy to get,
cheap and most often they have no side effects.
in the absence of a doctor people use these sorts of natural cures.

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