Natural Disaster paragraph for all class student

Natural disaster paragraph
Natural disaster paragraph

Write a paragraph on ‘Natural Disaster’ by answering the questions below.
a) What do you understand by natural disaster?
b) What is the condition of natural disasters in your country ?
c) What are the natural disasters that we usually face?
d) What do they cause in our life?
e) What do we lose during the natural disasters?
f) Why are we helpless before the natural disasters?
g) What steps can we take to lessen the sufferings of the victims?

Natural Disaster Paragraph: Natural disaster is a natural event which has an adverse socio-economic impact on the whole environment. Natural disasters are common in our country . In recent years they are becoming more recurrent and destructive . Every year some common natural disasters like floods, cyclones, tidal-bores, excessive rainfall, earthquake , drought visit in our country .

Another furious natural disaster, greenhouse effect is creeping towards us. Climatic change around the world due to indiscriminate deforestation and environmental pollution is the main cause of frequency of natural disaster. Natural disaster causes a heavy loss in our country. Many people are killed, many are lost and many become homeless. Many cattle die, many houses collapse , many fatal diseases break out because of natural disasters uprooted. communication system becomes out of order after the natural disasters. Any natural disaster causes untold sufferings to people.

In fact, we are helpless before the natural disasters. We can’t protect them, we can only take some measures to lessen the sufferings of the victims. Taking steps to prevent environmental pollution as well as ensuring sufficient precautionary measures, we may improve the situation. For this, we can raise awareness in people. We can train them to be protected from the havoc of natural disasters.

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