My school Paragraph for All class students 5 to 10

Imagine that your friend wants to know about your school. Read the following questions on ‘My School‘ and answer them in a paragraph.

a) What is the name of your school?
b) How many buildings are there in your school?
c)How many classrooms and office rooms are there?
d) How is the classroom furnished?
e) How many students read there?
f) How many teachers teach you?
g) How are the results of your school?
h) What do you think about your school?

My school paragraph: The name of my school is Bidyaniketan. lt was founded in 1972 at Uttara in Dhaka. The woman who took the main initiative to found it was Mrs Ayesha Amin. A local socio-cultural organisation named Nabarun Sangha and local conscious guardians played a pioneer role to found it. Now the school is housed in three modern buildings. The main building is three storeyed. Of the other two, the building facing the east is three-storeyed and the building facing the west is four-storeyed. there is a big playground where the students play. There is a library where students can read books and newspapers.There are about fifty classrooms.

Besides these, there are a Headmistress’s room, an Assistant Headmaster’s room, an office room, two teachers’ rooms, a common-room and a rich laboratory. Each room is well-furnished with necessary things. about four thousand students read in this school and about one hundred teachers teach them. The students are well-behaved and they obey the rules of the school. The teachers are highly qualified and love the students as their own children. With the teachers guidance the students take part in debate, recitations, songs, dances, etc. They also take part in sports and games.

The school has a good reputation for its results. The results of the SSC and Scholarship Examinations always been satisfactory. It got the National Award in 2010 for its success. It is one of the best schools in Dhaka.

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