My favourite teacher paragraph for class 5/6/7/8/9/10/ssc/Hsc

Question: write a paragraph about “your favourite teacher”. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following question.

(a) What is the name of your favourite teacher?
(b) Which subject does he teach?
(c) What is his qualification?
(d) How is his teaching method?
(e) How is his behaviour with the students?
(f) How does he help the students with their lessons?

Mr. Ahmed is my favourite teacher. He teachers us English. He is 30 with a good health. He has many rare qualities. First of all he is a brilliant scholar with a sound academic career. He is an MA. in English. Secondly his method of teaching is very easy and lucid. Thirdly he has a strong, clear and pleasant voice. Everyday he teaches us in a new style. He can make any grammatical problem easy. He knows well how to increase the curiosity of the students. In the class room he is just like an English. Moreover, his pronunciation is good and he speaks English with a foreign accent. In his class he creates an English environment.

We never feel boring in his class. Rather, we feel encouraged in his class. He is very well behaved and co-operative. He is never rude but friendly with his students. If any student fails to understand any grammatical problem, he then and there helps the students to understand it. He is very kind hearted to the poor students. Besides, he is honest, sincere and dutiful. He is very strict to law and to his principles. He has left a permanent impression in my mind. He is my best teacher, guide and friend.

My favourite teacher paragraph 2:
(a) Who is your favourite teacher?
(b) What is he?
(c) How does he teach you?
(d) What his important qualities?
(e) What is your feeling about him?

My English teacher is the most favourite to me. He is just 28. He is tall, young and good looking. His pronunciation is impeccable and he has got a tenor voice. When he teaches us, he seems to be a living storehouse of knowledge. He teaches us English through pleasure. Sometimes he cuts jokes. So, we enjoy his class very much. We have fascination for him. My English teacher is very punctual. He enters the class on time. He exchanges greetings with us for a very short time. Then he calls our roll number.

When the roll call is over, he starts reading extracts from the text. His method of teaching is very easy. He explains every detail of the lessons. We all keep silent and listen to him motionless. If someone fails to unclerstandany difficult point, he does not get angry. He explains the part of the lesson again and makes it sure that all his students have understood him. He is like our guide and his behaviour is very friendly, Such a teacher is hardly found nowadays. We are proud of having such a teacher.

My favourite teacher paragraph 3:

I am a Class 6/7/8 student . The are three English teachers in our school . The, name of my favourite English teacher is Khandaker Irtiza Abrar. He is an MA in English Literature. He presents his lessons in a different form than the-others, He makes the classes enjoyable to us. He follows the Communicative method in which the interaction between the teacher and the students is encouraged. He always encourages the weaker, students to take part in the classroom activities so that they can develop their speaking skill.

He behaves very beautifully and mildly with the students. He is very friendly with us. He never rebukes or punishes anybody for their mistakes. Of Course he is interested in co-curricular activities. Usually he organises the yearly cultural week of our school. He also plays a vital role in other extra curricular activities. He has an amiable disposition and charming personality which make every student respect.

My favourite English teacher Paragraph 4:

Write a paragraph about ‘Your Favourite English Teacher’ by answering the questions below.
a) Who is your favourite teacher?
b) Why is he favourite to you?
c) What difference do you find between your favourite teacher and others?
What differences do you find between his teaching methodology and that of others?
d) How does he influence his students in his classroom?
How does he motivate his students in his classroom.
e) Do you desire to be a teacher like him? Why?
f) What is his qualification?
g) How does he behave with the students?
h) How does he help the backward students? i) Is he interested in co-curricular activities? g) What are his other qualities that attract you much?
k) How do you evaluate him/her as a teacher?

My Favourite English Teacher : Teachers are conscience of a nation. A teacher is an asset to the country. He is indispensable for any educational institution. English is my favourite subject. So I feel a great attraction for English classes. In my student life, I have come across many teachers. Of them all, M. A. Matin is my favourite teacher. He is a lecturer in English. He is B.A (Hons), M.A in English. He is a man of letters with profound knowledge in English literature and language. His teaching style is so much attractive and effective that when he takes class all students listen to him with rapt attention.

He makes the lesson very attractive and interesting. He maintains amiable relation with all students. I enjoy the class because of his personality also. He is a man of principle with an elevated character. He is very sincere, punctual and honest. He is very patient and always wears a smiling face. He motivates the students to learn English. He always tries to develop our creativity . He inspires us to develop our vocabulary so that we can speak English fluently and write English off-hand. He helps the backward students very much.

He takes some extra-classes for them. He is also interested in co-curricular activities. He always encourages us to learn new things. So, I find him different from others. He is an ideal teacher. Because of all his extraordinary qualities, he is my favourite teacher. If I ever miss his class, I consider it as a great loss. I wish to be a teacher like him as it is a noble profession.

My Favourite Teacher/ the teacher i like most 5:

Imagine you have a favourite teacher. Read the following questions and write a paragraph by answering them.
(a) Who is your favourite teacher?
(b) How is his/her style of teaching?
(c) Which method of teaching does he/she follow?
(d) What is his/her relation with his/her students?
(e) How is- his/her character?
(f) How do you evaluate him/her as a teacher?

My Favourite Teacher: A person who teaches is called teacher. Teaching is the noblest of all professions. A teacher is an asset to a country. I have come across many teachers in my student life. Among them, Mr Ahmed Faruque is my favourite teacher. He is a teacher of English. He is an MA in English and trained in English teaching. He is about 50 years old. He is a man of letters with profound knowledge in English language. His teaching style is very attractive and effective. When he takes his class, all the students listen to him with great attention. He makes us share our views and feelings with him. He makes our lessons interesting to us. He maintains an amiable relation with all his students. He has a great convincing power.

He can easily convince even the naughty students with his sweet lucid voice. Besides, he is a man of principle with a good character. He never allows the students to adopt unfair means in the examination hail. He is very sincere, punctual and honest. He never shows any excuse about performing his duties and responsibilities. He has great values for our culture. All the cultural activities of our school are conducted under his direction. He is a skilled teacher and is dedicated in teaching. He loves and guides us like his issues. He always encourages us to learn new things. He is no doubt, an ideal teacher. Because of all his extraordinary qualities, he is my favourite teacher.


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