My favourite poet paragraph for all class student

My favourite poet
My favourite poet paragraph

write a paragraph about “your favourite poet ”. Your favourite poet paragraph should include the answers to the following question.
a) Who is your favourite poet?
b) Mention his / her place of birth and time?
c)Why is he/she favourite with you?
d) Mention some of his / her famous poems or writings.
e) How are you inspired by him / her?

My Favourite Poet Paragraph: There are many famous poets in the world of our Bangla literature. They have enriched our literature through their writings. Among them Kazi Nazrul Islam is my favourite poet. He is known as a rebel poet.He was born on the 11th Jaistha, 1306 B. S. in Churulia, a village of the district of Burdwan in ther WestBengal. His father’s name was Kazi Fakir Ahmed and his mother was Zaheda Khatun. Nazrul lost his parents in his childhood. All his works have an appeal to all men and women. These encourage and inspire us.

In most of his writings he rebels against the tyranny, injustice and suppression of the ruling class. For this reason he is favourite to me. Nazrul Islam was a poet, a novelist, a dramatist and a story writer. His first poem “Mukti” was published from Calcutta. His eminent poem “Bidrohi” was published in 1328 B.S. Then one by one he created “Agnibina”, “Bisher Bashi”, “Chakrabak”, “Badhanhara”, “Rickter Medan” etc. His poems are very appealing . They inspire me to stand against all injustice and indiscipline.

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