Friday , January 22 2021

My family paragraph for All class students

paragraph on my family
paragraph on my family

my family paragraph : In modern age, family plays an important role as an economic and welfare institution. Man is a social being. He wants to live in company with others. Every human child is born in a family. I am a member of a nuclear (fit) family. I like my family very much. Our family consists of five members including me. i have got my parents, one more brother, and sweet elder sister. our family is housed in a two storeyed modern building.

My father is a school teacher. He does not earn enough. He runs our family with great difficulty. But my father is an honest man. My mother is a devoted housewife. She is about forty five. She manages our family carefully. Our parents are very conscious of our education. They are religious.

I am a (class 8/9/ 10/ first year college) student of dhaka x (school/College). My elder sister is a brilliant student of Dhaka Medical College. My younger brother is a student of class 7. He is also a good student.

We are living in peace with each other in our family. We live together, dream together and hope together. We have developed a very good relation among us. We are friendly and pass our time gossiping, playing and laughing. Really our family is a sweet Paradise. I am very proud of living in such a family.


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