My classroom paragraph for students

my classroom paragraph
my classroom paragraph

Read the following questions on ‘Your Classroom‘ and write a paragraph on it.
a) What is a classroom?
b) Where does it stand?
c) What is its colour?
d) How many pieces of furniture are there?
e) How many students can sit there?
f) How do you maintain your classroom
g) Why do you like it?

My ( your ) classroom paragraph : A classroom is a place in an educational institution where classes are held for teaching students. Our classroom is in the first floor of our school building. The colour of our classroom is off-white. It is very spacious and south- facing. It has one door and four windows. So, it is airy and well-lighted. The room is electrified with four tube-lights and six-fans. There are thirty high benches and thirty low benches for the students.

More than sixty Students can sit here. There are a chair and a table for the teachers. There is a wide black-board on the front wall of the room. We have some good paintings hung on the wall. They have enriched the beauty of our classroom. We keep the classroom neat and clean. We feel comfortable in the classroom. I like my classroom very much because it is the best learning place.


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