My best friend paragraph for all class students

paragraph on my best friend
My best friend paragraph

My best friend paragraph: A friend is an inevitable part of one’s life. None can live alone in the society. Man is a social being and he wants to share his joy and sorrow with others. I am a flesh and blood and hence I have some friends. I cannot mention the exact number of my friends but Nasir is the best of all my friends. He is special to me for some of his extraordinary qualities that impress me much. The most impressive quality of Nasir is that he stands by me in my joy and sorrow. I can share my feelings with him.

Besides, he is a good student and whenever I don’t understand any problem of mathematics he explains it to me very smoothly. He is a humorist, too. He tells jokes and when the cloud of gloom hangs over me he tells me funny stories and makes me laugh. I am never angry with him because there is nothing in his character that can make me angry. His behaviour and inter communicative personality give me much pleasure. He is very docile and wins the heart of my parents. Moreover, his liberal attitude towards literature and culture and the people of other race and religion is to me highly appreciable. I like him very much.

My best friend Paragraph version 2:

My close friend is ‘Shimul’. He has certain good qualities. I admire his sincerity and selfless attitude. He comes forward to help me whenever I am in distress. His another quality is he is honest and disciplined. He never tells a lie. Again he feels for the poor people. The most striking quality of his is that he is a very meritorious student. I want to follow him. I want to be a meritorious student like him. That’s why I am trying to be disciplined and sincere.

He has a negative quality. He gets angry very often. He can’t tolerate anything wrong. He is again fond of Western culture. He follows Western culture blindly. He dislikes Bangladeshi culture. I want to be free from these qualities. I want to uphold my own culture. I think we have a very rich and age old culture. Again I want to listen to Bangali music and read Bengali classics. By bringing the Bengali culture into use, I can be free from these negative qualities. As a whole my frined is a nice man.

Paragraph on My best friend version 3:

I have had many friends in life, many have come and gone, but there is one friend that has remained to me loyal through thick and thin. Her name is Rina. I met her during orientation and her personality instantly attracted me. After orientation, surprisingly, I was allocated not only the same hostel as Rina but also the same room. Then our beautiful friendship began. The more time we spent together, the more our friendship grew. She gradually became my best friend.

We sometimes argue and disagree about some things, but we always find a solution. One thing that I like about Rina is that she is flexible and she is always open to new ideas. Rina understands me and she can tell when I am happy or sad. No friend but she knows how to read my moods and always does her best to cheer me up. This is why I like her more than other friends. Though we have dissimilar characteristics, we perfectly complement each other. She likes fun and all the excitement that comes with it while I prefer a more silent life. However, this has never been an issue between us. We always find a way to enjoy each other’s company .

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