My aim in life / My future plan in life paragraph for hsc

write a paragraph on “your aim in life”. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following question.

my aim in life paragraph
My aim in life paragraph

a) what is your aim in life?
or what is your future plan of life?
b) What led you to adopt this plan?
Or, Why have you adopted this plan?
c) What do you like to study after passing the HSC Exam?
d) How are you preparing yourself according to this?
e) Do you find it difficult to materialise your plan?
f)Will you intend to help the people of your locality?
g) What is your parents’ idea about your future plan?
h) How can your future plan of life help you to serve people?

My aim in life / My future plan in life paragraph: An aim is a goal to be reached through a course of action. Our life is a combination of continuous  actions. So, life has its own aim to achieve. Because an aimless life is like a boat without a rudder, depending for its course upon the will of fate. That is why I have an aim in life. My aim in life is to be a doctor. It is a noble profession. But I have longed for this from my early age. My dear grandmother died almost untreated .

Besides, more than eighty percent of our people living in villages suffer from various diseases. But the hospitals and the doctors are very few in rural areas. Most of the doctors hanker after money and honour and they prefer cities and towns rather than villages as their fields of practice. As a result many people of the villages die without proper treatment and medicine. For all these reasons I wish to be a doctor in my future life to serve the suffering humanity .

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My motto of life is To serve man is to serve God. I think I am going well with my plan. I have Grade A in my S. S. C with A+ in Biology and Maths. Now, I am an H. S. C 2nd year student. My college persuaded  me to take Maths as 3rd and Biology as 4th subject. Their purpose was to have the maximum output from me. That is why, I have to be serious about maths and I cannot neglect Biology otherwise as I must reach my goal . I feel that being a doctor is not an easy task. Yet I will leave no stone unturned in achieving my goal .

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