Model Paragraph (Problem) for students

Model paragraph problem for students
Model paragraph problem for students

In our day to day life we are experiencing various kinds of problems.(Problem name) is one of them. It has became a buzzword nowadays. It has assumed so alarming proportion that it calls for immediate precautionary measures to remove. (problem name) occurs severe condition to human life. We can not lead a peaceful and normal life for this problem. Almost everyday we see the news of it in the newspaper.

Everybody knows that it is a serious problem and it is going out of control day by day. It is almost certain that one of the main causes of it is the negligence of some people. Government should have solved the problem. All of us feel the problem but nobody takes proper steps to remove it. The bad effect of it is beggar description. We can not do any work properly/do any work properly at night/ lead a healthy life / lead a happy life for this problem.

[Once I saw/ faced/ visited – It shocked me much. The miserable condition of the boy/ me/ the passengers/ the friend/ the patient was/were beggar description. i took proper step to remove it. This is our duty to save life from it. ]

Example : Load shedding, Traffic Jam, Street accident, Environment pollution, Arsenic problem, Reckless driving, Population problem,…. etc.