Friday , January 22 2021

Model Paragraph ( Good Habit ) for students

Model paragraph good habit for students
Model paragraph good habit for students

Model Paragraph ( Good Habit ) : It is the most valuable and powerful element of success. If we make a list of some important person who have achieved honour, success and wealth, we will see that their success depends on it. Without it none can hope to be famous person. It is nothing but mental matter and it is preferable to wealth. A life without it is just like a ship without a rudder and he is sure to suffer in a helpless wreck. It may be called the parents of all virtue. It never leads a man to destroy. It keeps him in right path.

Its practice leads a man to every happiness of mind. Neither purity of morals nor elevation of mind and ennoblement of life can be had without the practice of this virtue. This quality spares from many of the disappointments and failure life. But the lack of it causes many irreparable loses and many sad disasters. We should cultivate the habit of this virtue even from our student life. The student possesses this virtue can attain brilliant results in the examination.

[Note : Use Paragraph name or Good habit name where we Bold the word ‘It’ .

( Example : Discipline * Honesty , *Punctuality, *Truth-fullness, *Health, *Physical Exercise, *Perseverance, * Character, * Modesty, * Dignity of labour, * Temper , * Self-control , *Unity, * Self help/Self-reliance , *Ambition, * Courage, * Contentment, * Justice, * Happiness, * Politeness, *Good manners, * Early rising, * *Forbearance, *Friendship, * Value of time, * Obedience to parents, * Education, *Industry, *Charity , * Integrity , * Painstaking , * Diligent, *Repentance, *Repentant, *Amusement , *Civility costs nothing . )