Liberation war of Bangladesh paragraph

liberation war of Bangladesh paragraph
liberation war of Bangladesh paragraph

Liberation war of Bangladesh paragraph : Liberation which is the birth right of men. No nation can be exposed without liberation or independence. Every independent nations have the background history of long struggle and blood curdling war of liberation. The Bangalees had to face a bloody liberation war to achieve independence from the long colonial dependency. From the birth of Pakistan, the ruling group and their vested interest group started to treat East Pakistan as a colony of West Pakistan.

For this reason, under the leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman a violent mass movement was launched which resulted in a landslide victory of the Awami League at the election of the National Assembly of Pakistan in December 1970. Thus Sheikh Mujib acquired the right of form the Government of Pakistan with his undoubted in the Parliament. But it was a matter of regret that the Pakistan rulers were disagreed to transfer the power. President Yahia Khan hatched a conspiracy.

On the fateful night of March 25, 1971, Sheikh Mujib was taken a prisoner to West Pakistan and the Pakistani Army cracked down upon the innocent and harmless people of East Pakistan. In 26 March, 1971, Bangladesh declared independence and it was declared by Major Ziaur Rahman on behalf of the great leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Then the Bangalees taking the stern oath was prepared to fight against the Pak armies. In the city, port, village, district everywhere obstacles were built up against them. Teachers-students, service-holders, farmers, labourers, doctors, engineers. journalists and the people of all professions formed freedom fighters group unitedly.

The more the Pakistani rulers oppressed the Bangalees, the more the freedom fighters fought bravely against them. In fact, every person in Bangladesh was a freedom fighter and did his best to help the Mukti Bahini. The Pakistani Armies attacked India because of her support on the Bangladesh issue. At last, the Mukti Bahini and the Indian forces jointly inflected crushing blows on the enemy in every sectors compelling them to give up. After a long struggle about nine months, the Liberation War came to an end and Bangladesh won freedom. Today the 16th of December is observed as Victory Day.

Author: @reduan